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“What’s hot about August?…EVERYTHING!…August is the sultry month that commands the main part of the “dog days” of summer, a period of inactivity due to excessive heat. And what’s hot at Carlino’s?…Well yes, of course, EVERYTHING, but especially some cool cheeses that are really refreshing; none is more refreshing than cool, fresh mozzarella.
Mozzarella is said to have taken its name from the Italian verb mozzare, meaning “to cut”, a reference to the procedure of cutting the curd into portions to achieve a variety of sizes. This is also the local tomato time of the year… the perfect mozzarella accompaniment. Mozzarella is a pure white pasta filata and is available at Carlino’s in both the water buffalo and cow’s milk varieties. The Water Buffalo type of mozzarella is from the Campania region of Italy and is offered in 7 oz. balls. It has a higher fat content and a mossy, feral nose. Carlino’s cow mozzarella is offered in a variety of sizes: the small, salad perfect, ciliegine, the sliceable ¼ lb. ovaline and the ever popular 1 lb. Handmade Mozzarella Balls. Carlino’s also features Marinated Ciliegine and Ciliegine Tomato Salad. We can’t even begin to count the number of Chef’s Kitchen entrees and sides or pizzas that incorporate fresh mozzarella but the Margherita Pizza must be mentioned, and tasted. Also a must-mention is the Handmade Mozzarella Prosciutto, Mozzarella Pepperoni and Mozzarella Sopressata Roll-Ups made in store by our cheese specialists. Lastly, we must mention Burrata, a spectacular mozzarella filled with cream. It is spectacular with fresh tomatoes, basil and Carlino’s Extra Virgin Olive Oil or atop Bruschetta or Carlino’s Homemade Pasta.

Stop in during the Bow-Wow (dog) days of summer and try some refreshing Wow-Wow mozzarella…the perfect way to chill out.”

Patty Church
-Carlino’s Executive Cheese Specialist

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Pâté is the perfect answer to the question, “What’s for dinner?” Come browse Carlino’s expansive collection of Pâté from around the world. Goose Liver Mousse with Port, Mousse Trufee, Pâté De Campagne, Mousse Canard Au Port, Duck Liver Mousse with Cognac, Vegetable Pâté, Vegan Terrine and Terrine de Saumon Fume are among Carlino’s assortment of gourmet Pâté. Combine with homemade crusty bread for the perfect summer picnic lunch or cool dinner.

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The milk used for this cheese is from Salers cows. These cows graze in high mountain pastures. The texture of this cheese is soft, creamy and supple, but the flavor is complex, earthy, mushroomy, nutty, grassy and savory with a slight tanginess. Saint-Nectaire is fantastic with apricots, spicy mustard, multigrain baguette or cubed into your favorite summer salad.

Cheese Goes With: Olives


The land throughout the Mediterranean produces not only a variety of world famous cheeses but also an abundance of olives, each unique and delicious. The olive, very similar to the grape, develops its flavor and style from its surroundings…soil, terrain, climate and cultivation all create each olives including varietal unique characteristics.

Olives are a vital part of the Mediterrenean Diet. The olive is considered one of nature’s most perfect creations – varied, versatile, flavorful and healthy. It is integral in the Mediterrenean Diet incorporating flavorful, all natural foods that inspire a lifestyle lauded for its health benefits and stress-free, relaxed existence.

The olive/cheese connections is age old. Carlino’s carries an international variety of olives including Italian Castlevetrano (from Carlino’s homeland) and Cerignola in the Red, Green and Black types. The Cerignola are the Italian Giants, grown in the Puglia region of Italy and are the largest caliber olives available in the world. Grown in fertile volcanic soil, they are exceptionally mild and buttery. French Nicoise (the top choice of connoisseurs) and Picholine (never acidic, great with cocktails) and Greek Kalamata are popular parts of this International selection. The Kalamata is the most famous olive from Greece. It is aromatic, full-bodied and firm with a smokey, wine infused snap.

And if it’s stuffed olives that you are looking for, Carlino’s has olives stuffed with Feta, Provolones, or Blue Cheese. Come in and try these great cheese accompaniments…considered one of nature’s most perfect creations!

Recipe: Pasta Con Capers, Ricotta e Timo… Pasta with Capers, Ricotta and Thyme

Pasta with Capers, Ricotta and Thyme

Capers are called the “Jewels of the Mediterranean.” The piquant and salty flavor of capers adds dimension to sauces, pizza and spreads…especially those containing cheese. Because of their tart and briny taste, capers are also the chosen garnish for many fish dishes. The caper plant thrives in the dry, mountainous areas of the Mediterranean. The flower bud is the caper. The caper berry is the larger, plumper fruit of the plant and is a “WOW” replacement for the olive in an ice cold martini.

– 1 lb. of Pasta Corta (any of Carlino’s homemade short pasta types)
– ¾ lb. of Carlino’s Ricotta Impastata
– 7 oz. Low-Fat milk
– ¼ cup of salt-packed capers…rinsed, soaked in cold water for 10 minutes, then rinsed again
– Black pepper, freshly ground
– 2 tablespoons of Carlino’s Extra Virgin Olive Oil
– 1 tablespoons of fresh thyme leaves

Bring a large pot of salted water to a boil; add pasta and cook until al dente. While pasta is cooking, heat ricotta and milk in a large skillet over medium-low heat, stirring until warmed through. Add capers and season generously with black pepper. Remove from heat. When pasta is ready, drain and return to pot. Toss immediately with olive oil. Add ricotta sauce and stir gently to combine and heat through…approximately one minute. Season to taste with salt and dress the top with thyme and black pepper.

ALL of the ingredients in this recipe are available at Carlino’s Market.

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    December 10, 2015

    Mary is so very cute! Be careful with those olvies. When my niece was about 18 mos old we had to take her to the dr. to have an olive removed from her little nose!Can you believe that?? It’s the truth! Have a wonderful weekend, Marilee!xoxo Diane