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Carlino’s Delicatessen

Carlino’s provides an authentic deli with a generous selection of imported artisanal smoked and cured meats and pickled specialties that explode with flavors to excite your taste buds. Relish spicy or smokin’ handmade sausages, delicate Prosciutto, hot or sweet Capicola and Sopressata, tangy salami and premium imported and spicy or smokin handmade sausages online. Savor…

Carlino’s Prepared Foods

Carlino’s kitchen is led by master Executive Chefs Louis Pietrantonio, Jr. and Alejandro Perez, who execute prepared and perfected gourmet take away sensations and a la carte delicacies, blending the finest ingredients, creative food combinations, and the simple art of seasoning to add distinctive flavor and fragrance to produce vibrant taste and healthy family dinners….

Add Some Flavor to Your Workday with Carlino’s Corporate Catering Menu

Spending nice, sunny days stuck in meetings and staring longingly out the window can be a real drag. Nothing brightens up a workday like a lunch meeting, and now it’s easy to treat yourself and your coworkers to a delicious, morale-boosting and creativity-fueling treat with Carlino’s new Corporate Catering Menu. This article was written by our friends at The…