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Sweet Treat for Your Sweetheart: Valentine’s Day at Carlino’s

February 7, 2017 0 Comments

Love is in the air! Usually, here at Carlino’s, love in the air is the equivalent to smells wafting from our kitchen, bakery and bread room into the literal air. But for the next week, there is actual love in the air with Valentine’s Day impending! No matter whom you’re celebrating with, we hope we can be a part of it.

From dinner to dessert and gifts, Carlino’s is your one stop shop to impress your Valentine!


If you’re really looking to impress your significant other, creating your own cheese board is the way to go! In either location, our cheese mongers will be able to assist you to pair your selected meats (pepperoni, prosciutto, salami, etc.) with a unique selection of cheeses! Cutting charcuterie up and matching them on a nice board (grab a Carlino’s monogrammed board while you’re here!) will truly impress your date, making them feel like they’re ordering from a fancy restaurant!

To further the intrigue, we are now carrying an exclusive cheese for the month of February from our friends from The Farm at Doe Run. The small batch of cheese is called Blowhorn – it’s a creamy cheese studded with cocoa nibs from local chocolatier Eclat out of West Chester. That’s right: cheese + chocolate = a killer combination that is a must try! Sure to impress anyone who tastes it. It’s only available in a limited quality for a short time so get it while you can!


If you’ve ever come to visit us before, you know we have a wide selection of food for dinner. Fish, pastas, lasagnas and more, no matter where you step in the store, there are endless options. Might we suggest one of our classic dinners, which can also be shipped right to your door!

If you’re really looking to impress your Valentine, cook up some of our special Valentine’s pink and white ravioli. All of the usual delicious flavor in our pasta with an added hint of Valentine’s love!


Just like the title says- sweet treats for your sweetheart! We’ll just let the pictures say it all:

Only thing left to say is desserts are better at Carlino’s!


Finally, you may not realize but we have flowers, gift items, gift baskets and new to Carlino’s, greeting cards. We have a wide variety of Valentine’s Day cards to describe how much you care any loved one!

Whether you need to make a lasting impression or a want to make your way to your Valentine’s heart through their stomach, Carlino’s is your go to Valentine’s Day hot spot!


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