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5 Foodie Must- Haves to Celebrate Valentine’s Day

February 7, 2017 0 Comments

Roses are red, violets are blue and Carlino’s is delicious for me and you!

This is the poem you could potentially read to your Valentine; better yet, you can just serve them a delicious dinner from Carlino’s!

As a Valentine’s gift to you, we are presenting  you a list of Valentine’s Day Must-Haves to Celebrate the Holiday Foodie Style!

  • Blowhorn Cheese

Now in both markets is an exclusive cheese for the month of February from our friends at The Farm at Doe Run. Blowhorn is a small batch cheese that is creamy and studded with cocoa nibs from local chocolatier Eclat, from West Chester, Pa. Yes, you read that correctly: cheese + chocolate = a Valentine’s Day love match that is a must try! You’ll impress anyone who tastes it. It’s only available in a limited quality for a short time so get it while you can!

Local chocolatier Christopher Curtin is proud to share his art and experience with you through Éclat Chocolate. Christopher honed his skills in the finest chocolate houses of Belgium, Switzerland, France, Germany, and Japan, and sharing in the greatest of secrets and techniques—secrets and techniques that make eating Éclat Chocolate a unique experience you won’t forget. It’s always available in our markets and online.

Luscious & rich, our aged balsamic is infused with sweet chocolate for a perfect match. It has a silky-smooth cocoa flavor which we suggest drizzling over vanilla gelato, fresh berries or stilton cheese.

  • Pink & White Ravioli

If you’re really looking to impress your Valentine, cook up some of our special Valentine’s pink and white ravioli. All of the usual delicious flavor in our pasta with an added hint of Valentine’s love!

  • Pastry Assortment

One of the fun parts about Valentine’s Day is that it provides plenty of creativity for our pastry kitchen! As you see below, there’s a variety of delicious desserts: including raspberry creme brulee, chocolate covered strawberries, brownie hearts and a selection of cupcakes. Yum!

Whether you’re trying to satisfy a sweet tooth or preparing a whole meal, Carlino’s can put the food in your Foodie Valentine’s Day. There’s no time to waste- Valentine’s Day is a week away!


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