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What to Buy with Your Carlino’s Gift Card!

January 9, 2017 0 Comments

So you received a Carlino’s Gift Card for the holidays. First of all, we hope you thanked the gift giver- they must really care about you if they gave you such an incredible gift! Secondly, with great power comes great responsibility and we are here to aid you in the process! There are many ways that you can spend that gift card and we’re here to offer you a few suggestions.

Share with Your Family and Friends

We encourage this; at Carlino’s we are all about family! There are many meals that you can purchase within the store that could feed a village. One suggestion would be our Mama Carlino’s Lasagna Family Dinner! This includes:

• Mama Carlino’s Chicken Lasagna
• Carlino’s Homemade Beef Meatballs in Classic Marinara Sauce
• Homemade Bread
• Homemade Chocolate Chip Cookies

This is everything you want and need in a scrumptious homemade meal for the family. If you haven’t tried our Mama Carlino’s lasagna yet, what are you waiting for?! It is lasagna with a twist – grilled chicken, fresh baby spinach, Gorgonzola cheese & mozzarella cheeses, and LaRosa sauce. It’s unlike anything you’ve ever tried and an excellent way to utilize your gift card!


Be a Little Bit Selfish

…and we wouldn’t blame you!

There are plenty of items around Carlino’s that you would be able to purchase with your own taste buds in mind! We have pasta salads, prepared foods, pizza, sandwiches and hoagies that are enough to fill any stomach with yummy Carlino’s goodness.

Dessert is always something that can bring you happiness as well. We highly recommend our famous, mouthwatering homemade chocolate chip cookies and irresistibly delicious chocolate fudge brownies. We bake our cookies and brownies fresh daily. If you keep these to yourself, you can make this happiness last you a long time (and don’t forget to pick up some Merrymead Farm milk to accompany it while you’re here as well!).


Regifting….but in a Good Way!

There is nothing wrong with regifting Carlino’s- sharing is caring, the more, the merrier and any other group inclusion catchphrase. We offer many great gift options for holidays, birthdays and corporate gifts as well.

Carlino’s offers a wide variety of gift basket options that would be a welcomed gift from many people that you know. One of our most popular items is the Pasta Gift Set! Perfect for the at home chef the Pasta Gift Set is a collection of pasta, sauces, EVOO and cheese so you can create your favorite dishes at home. All brought together in a stainless steal colander. (You can actually utilize the holder of all the products with this beautiful colander.)

Each Pasta Gift Set basket also includes a “Mopeen” which is Italian slang for dishtowel. Just like your Nonnie and our Nonnie would have used, the mopeen wasn’t just for drying the dishes but also used to wrap rising bread, dry homemade pasta or strain homemade ricotta. Our signature red and white mopeen is a tribute to our family and legacy.


Check out this and other gift basket options as well-perfect gift for any occasion!

Impress with your Authentic Italian Recipes

Looking to impress a date or party with an authentic Italian meal but don’t know where to begin? Carlino’s provides everything you need, from soup to nuts, or sauce to oil in this case, to produce an excellent meal that will have all your taste testers raving!

First, we have the pasta- any shape, size and style you could imagine. Ravioli, linguini, angel hair, fettuccini and rigatoni are available fresh in our stores, ready to boil and cook to perfection. Make sure to check out Maiella Pasta as well, a Carlino’s Exclusive straight from our hometown in Abruzzo, Italy.

Maiella Group

You get to top it off with any Carlino’s sauce you desire including Marinara, LaRosa, Tomato Basil, Pesto, Alfredo & Pink Sauce.


Finally, for an added kick to some recipes, you can add a variety of olive oil and vinegars from the Grove here at Carlino’s. You can taste your way through the Grove with a variety of flavors or you can get them together as a set!

This set includes a 500 ml bottle of both our Carlino’s Extra Virgin Olive Oil and Primo Vinegar. Two superb products, perfect for everyday cooking or as a finishing olive oil and vinegar. The award winning olive oil comes from the Carlino’s family groves in Abruzzo Italy and is 100% organic. This set comes sealed together with a signature Carlino’s bow and tag.


As we said at the top, if you hadn’t thanked your gift giver for that Carlino’s gift card, you will be doing so now. No matter your mindset, we have the foods and flavors to satisfy your needs. Visit us at 2616 E. County Line Rd. in Ardmore, phone: (610) 649-4046; and 128 W. Market St. in West Chester, phone: (610) 649-4046 and we can help you put that gift card to great use!


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