Swarmbustin Honey

Swarmbustin’ Honey is a family run operation dedicated to our Beeloved Honey Bees. We are located near Chatham in Chester County, PA.

Totally RawUn-heated, un-filtered honey with all of the enzymes intact; this honey is a medical marvel as well as a culinary delight.  Totally raw honey is simply spun out of the honeycomb and allowed to crystallize naturally. May be used for all honey needs or as sugar substitute.

Black & GoldFull Season light amber honey blend.  Our own blend of spring honey with a splash of fall wildflower, this honey has nectar the bees have gathered from throughout the year.  Well suited for baking.

Golden Nectar - Pure spring Honey. Pale and delicate in flavor with a full body and nice finish. This honey is derived from the spring flush of the tulip Poplar tree, black locust, quit bloom and clover blossoms. Ideal for sweetening tea.

Garlic - A blend of golden nectar honey infused with fresh garlic, used as a flavorful glaze on vegetables or your favorite meat, especially ham and pork.  It is commonly used in pasta sauces and on garlic bread.

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