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fresh italian baguettes, ciabatta and additional specialty breads

Carlino's breads are hand shaped and baked using centuries old techniques inspired by our original Italian Master Baker, Giuseppe, and the art of Olde World baking, to create intense earthy flavors and complex textures for breads that boast a hearty crust, moist and chewy interiors and fresh taste.

Our award winning loaves are crafted fresh each day in our brick ovens using natural yeast, unbleached flour, whole grains and no artificial ingredients or preservatives. Try crusty Italian baguettes or ciabatta and panini, or indulge in our specialty breads, which include: Challah, Fig and Walnut, Multigrain and Pumpernickel.

► Specialty Loaves
  • Challah
  • Sundried Tomato
  • Italian Rosemary
  • Energy
  • Honey Wheat
  • Multigrain Loaf
► Italian Loaves
  • Italian Baguette
  • Semolina Baguette
  • Panella Semolina Loaf
  • Semolina, Small Round
  • Italian, Small Round
  • Semolina, Large Round
  • Italian, Large Round
  • Semolina, Long Loaf
  • Italian Mini Loaf
  • Italian Torpedo Loaf
  • Italian Long Loaf
  • Focaccino Carlino
  • Italian Ciabatta
  • Semolina Ciabatta
  • Italian Cushino
  • Semolina Cushino
► Rolls
  • Panini
  • Football Roll
  • Ciabatta Roll
  • Semolina Round Roll
  • Focaccia Round
  • Italian Hoagie Roll
  • Semolina Hoagie
  • Honey Wheat Roll