Butcher Shop & Seafood

Visit our Olde World Butcher Shoppe, where our resident butcher, Joe, prepares hand- trimmed, Organic Certified Black Angus, melt in your mouth beef, wet aged for 21 days to add tenderness, juiciness and flavor. In addition to filet and strip steaks, selections include: prime rib, tenderloin, T-bone and flank steak. Try our handmade seasonal sausage, which are made from scratch each and every day, in true artisan fashion, with only fresh seasonal ingredients.  You can buy sausages online easily at Carlinos' website.

Feast your eyes on our seafood selection, which boasts a wide variety of fresh, seasonal seafood. Our seafood specialists select only the freshest seafood from around the world. Fish for healthy choice grilled or poached salmon, blackened tilapia or grilled butterfish as well as jumbo lump crab cakes.