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What It Means to be Makers and Purveyors of Artisan Food

October 1, 2016 2 Comments

We here at Carlino’s have been serving the local community the best Italian flavor and cuisine since 1983. Now, in our third generation of operation, we can truly say we have made it our life’s work to spread our love of food to our family, friends and customers.

As our mission statement says, “Our brand is a tribute to our family, the inspiration for everything we do. Sharing this legacy and inspiration with our customers is the driving force behind everything we do.”

When we rebranded within the past year, we really wanted to highlight that we are ‘Makers and Purveyors of Artisan Food’. That phrase emphasizes and captures what we aim to do at Carlino’s each and every day. It is our mission, our brand, our word!


But what does it truly mean to be Makers and Purveyors of Artisan Food?

Well, ‘makers’, that’s pretty self-explanatory! We have a top culinary team in house that create and execute all of our wonderful products. We only use the finest ingredients in every dish we make. Our chefs create amazing dishes using only seasonal ingredients. Amongst our elite culinary team is Chef Angela Carlino, who has a life long familiarity with all of our recipes, and makes sure they stay true to the word and creation of our matriarch, Mama Carlino.

One of our treasured recipes is Mama Carlino’s Chicken Lasagna. This scrumptious lasagna is handmade using our award-winning fresh pasta, grilled chicken layered with fresh baby spinach, gorgonzola & mozzarella cheeses, and homemade La Rosa sauce.

Our lasagna has been a comforting meal in our customers’ homes for over a quarter of a century. We are honored to bring you a taste of authentic homemade goodness to share at your own table.








The definition of purveyors is ‘a person or group that spreads or promotes an idea, view’. We promote the idea of Italian tradition, fresh, healthy ingredients and serving the best foods to our customers. We do this by traveling back to our roots in Abruzzo, Italy regularly and sampling seasonal products. Our chefs work hard choosing only the best recipes and ingredients to incorporate into our menus and recipes.


The final part of that slogan, “artisan food”, may be the most important part. Artisan food is a type of food that is not mass-produced. It is individually handmade with time and care put into each batch or recipe. Some examples of artisan foods include cheese, bread, charcuterie (see our 2016 Fall Cheese Board) and other foods involving a fermentation process. Artisan food is developed during a long period of time. For us, it’s not just since we opened our doors in 1983, but long before that in the hills of Abruzzo Italy and carried over by our grandfather Pasquale! Now these are created daily in our kitchens to ensure that we truly are Makers and Purveyors of Artisan Food.



Makers & Purveyors of Artisan Food


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    Fran Pfundheller

    November 28, 2016

    Could you please tell me if you have a gluten free menu I can order from? Thank you. I have had your desserts and would like to send some things to my daughter in law who can only eat gluten free foods.

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      January 6, 2017

      We don’t currently have a gluten-free menu by itself, but we do offer many gluten-free items on our market catering menu. Thanks