Specialty Grocery

Stock up on legumes and gourmet Giuseppe Cocco dried pasta prepared with water from natural springs in the Maiella National Park, Italy and wholesome wheat harvested in our hometown of Abruzzo, Italy. Now introducing a gastronomic favorite, Farro, the original grain from which all grains derive and which fed the Mediterranean and Near Eastern populations for thousands of years. Use Farro for health conscious hearty vegetable soups and sides. Or try a gourmet meal to go prepared with Farro. Call today to find out what Farro special is in season.

Season with specialty salts like coarse or fine Himalayan Pink, French or Scottish sea salt, smoke salt or lava salt from Hawaii. Treat yourself to the culinary delicacies of truffled vinegars, oil, honey, mustard and truffle butter. Garnish with imported anchovies, Mediterranean Tuna packed in olive oil, marinated artichoke hearts and bottoms, capers, caper berries, fire roasted peppers, pate and fois gras.